New Instagram!

Posted on 01 June 2015

I started a personal instagram a year or so ago (@mandymgreenan), where I post a mix of my work and life.  I’ve found that I follow and am followed by a lot of real life friends and family.  If I’m posting a lot of jewelry, I feel like I’m spamming my friends, and if I’m posting a lot of my chihuahua, I feel like I’m spamming the people who just want to see the jewelry!  Instagram is definitely my favorite social media outlet, so today I decided to create an account devoted to Tigerlilly.

Hello, instagram!  The new account is @tigerlillyjewelry.  Well, I say “new”, but evidently I set one up over a year ago and never actually posted much.  Going into instagram in the “business” mindset is so much different!  Wow, hashtags sure do make a big difference.

Anyway, we will do our very best to take pictures of all orders before we ship them, and we’ll add in some behind the scenes stuff like this pair of earrings we’re working on for a custom Hayley Paige bride:


And I imagine there will still be a few chihuahua/great dane pics as well.




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