Stylist: Hayley Paige STYLE 6700 LUMI

Posted on 29 March 2017

Our designer, Mandy, has just finished creating a new mini spring collection, featuring white opal Swarovski stones, clear crystals and your choice of pearl color. The spring designs however, are photographed with rosaline pearls, which are such a soft pink - they just mesh perfectly with the smokiness of the opal for a fresh spring look. They are screaming “WEAR ME NOW” for anyone planning to get married during the spring and early summer months this year, and even next. Or the year after that, and the year after that.

Anyway - I loved this dress from Hayley Paige. Mandy was deeply inspired by the pale blues, nudes and faint pinks used by the designer of this dress that she came up with these fantastic pieces in our spring collection. The "Lumi" (pictured) by Hayley Paige has such a fairy tale feel to it - the sparkle of the bodice, the flow of the tulle skirt, the gray-blue color of the dress, the “dream catcher sleeve,” and deep v-neck. Alice in Wonderland, meets Sleeping Beauty, meets Frozen. The color of this dress is really what drew me in; described as “blue moon.” Totally not your average wedding gown, but let’s style this one up. It’s too unique to be overlooked.

The Lyra necklace, with a custom length chain, would compliment the plunging neckline of this gown perfectly. The Lyra’s standard size chain comes in 18” length, but in order to make that stone sink further down, we’ll need a little more. Perhaps we could even add some extra pearls to make the trunk of the "Y" shape even LONGER and more dramatic? The white opal stone, and maybe a creamrose pearl, would pair perfectly with the blue hue of this dress. The additional length of the necklace will invite the viewer to again admire the glistening embellishments of the gown’s bodice. Every jewelry piece is made by hand to order, so customization for situations like this is simple and something we love to do.

So, because of the drama focusing at the center, I would probably steer clear of a statement earring and opt for something a little less dramatic and quite simple. Something like the Avery pear drop earrings, also with white opal stones. They may be a bit matchy, considering the similar pear drop shape of the necklace, but these are so chic and straightforward that they could absolutely work. The Avery earrings are only 1.25” in length, making them subtle, yet stunning, and a perfect match with the Lyra. What do you think?

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